Few players estimate the score

It is a simple truth that knowing for sure if you lead or trail in a game can steer your play onto a conservative path or an aggressive, risk-taking path. Many players play to the end of the game with only a vague idea about who leads. They will often take risks in the absence of game status, jeopardising a lead in the process all too often.

But reading is hard, I am told. Of course, but in a sense, because it something is hard to do means that it is all the more worthwhile.

But I do not know how to estimate they will then say. This smacks of laziness or a submission. Why not start by literally counting clear territory points one by one. Then approximate the unresolved areas. Do this a few times and you will probably naturally start to find methods of speeding up the process. Like counting 1, 2, 3 pairs of points.

When estimating starts winning you games, you will start to value it.