Psychology is at the root

The game of Go is subject to both cognitive and psychological effects in near equal measure. To play Go well you need mental discipline and flexibility. There is no easy way around those requirements.

A good memory will help enormously in recognising and responding to standard sequences such as joseki. Whilst memory can be developed, some people are simply blessed with a greater learn/recall capability. However, as you will see, there is a flip side to the memorisation of a library of moves and positions.

Stamina is vital for longer games of Go. Like memory, it is also a genetic matter, but one which can be cultivated, however. To be able to sustain the required focus of attention for every move of every game can be very demanding. There are, however, psychological aspects to stamina that I will cover. It is possible to help overcome low stamina, to a degree. As ever, what is innate tends to be easier and more reliable.